Wildlife Tour (06 Days)

A TTS. representative will receive you at the International airport and assist with your hotel transfer. Delhi, India’s capital has seen great empires rise and fall around it for millennia, with each new batch of rulers building over the works of their predecessors. As a result, the city abounds in monuments and ruins of stunning diversity. The seat of the world’s largest democracy, it also boasts of magnificent symbols of government that pay architectural tribute to the ideals of self-rule and democracy. These co-exist side by side with wide multi-lane motorways, shopping malls, fast cars and ultramodern steel-glass office complexes that characterise any large 21st century metropolis. Overnight at Delhi.

Transfer to the airport for your flight to Jabalpur. Proceed to Bandhavgarh by road in a spacious, comfortable Compass approved vehicle. The history of Bandhavgarh goes back to the 9th century. A complex of caves have been found with inscriptions on the walls that seem to pre-date similar Buddhist caves in Western India. The towering natural fortress of Bandhavgarh is claimed by some to be over 2000 years old, as references to it abound in Hindu mythological texts. Originally the exclusive hunting ground of the Maharaja of Rewa (currently in the state of Madhya Pradesh), Bandhavgarh was declared a national park in 1968. Bandhavgarh is famous for the brown-striped, blue-eyed white tigers that once inhabited its forests and are the ancestors of the white tigers in zoos the world over. The last sighting of one in the wild was over 50 years ago, although the government has recently approved a project to breed white tigers using the genetic material of the population last seen in the wild. The result of a recessive gene, white tigers are larger than their regular counterparts, and according to some, their function could be to retain a size gene in the tiger population, should changing environmental conditions make it necessary. Bandhavgarh National Park is impressive in its biodiversity, and is home to the significant populations of Indian Bison (Gaur), nilgai, barking deer, the Indian leopard and of course, the tiger. Today Bandhavgarh has among the highest densities of Bengal tigers in India. The current population of tigers in Bandhavgarh are mostly offspring of the now deceased pair, Sita and Charger, so named after his habit of mock-charging tourists on elephant safari. Today, Charger’s Point marks the final resting place of this majestic creature with a sense of humor. Sita too was a celebrity in her own right, having appeared on the cover of National Geographic. Today, Bamera is the alpha male of the park and his territory ranges over all four of the park’s zones. Overnight will be at the resort.

Breakfast will be in the lodge. Proceed for full day game viewing inside the jungle. (Two safaris with lunch break in-between) The thousand feet trek up to the hilltop perch of Ranthambhore Fort is a highly recommended activity. Reputed to be India’s oldest fortress, the fort complex conceals remnants of 12th century temples and the forest trail up to fort is dotted by statues both ancient and medieval. Taking a guide along is recommended as some of these treasures lie off the trail and concealed by the jungle. The ramparts of the fort offer a panoramic view of the surrounding jungles. Overnight at the resort.

Breakfast at the resort. Proceed to Kanha by road. The 940 square kilometer Kanha National Park is located in a horse shoe shaped valley with high escarpments that provide stunning views of the jungle below. It’s easy to imagine Akela and his pack perching there on moonlit nights, throwing their head back to howl at the moon. Kanha has a rich mix of ancient sal and dry deciduous forests, bamboo groves and meadows. The meadows are crucial to the survival of the Barasingha, the majestic twelve-antlered swamp deer. Dotted with lakes locally called tals, Kanha is refuge to a myriad variety of aquatic and migratory birds. Bisons, nilgai, spotted deer, foxes, sloth bear, hyenas, pythons and leopards are a few of the many species of fauna that call Kanha home. The apex predator of course is none other than Sher Khan, the Bengal Tiger. Overnight will be at the resort.

Breakfast will be at the resort. Proceed for full day game safari inside the jungle, stopping for lunch in between. Overnight at the resort.

After morning safari and breakfast, proceed to Jabalpur by road and board the train to Delhi. Transfer to the railway station to board the overnight train to Delhi. Later the Compass Team will escort you to New Delhi International Airport for your flight home.

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